Friday, June 24, 2011

the race between solar and fossil fuel..

as we all know today, fossil fuel is the most 'powerful' energy source that has revolutionize the world as we know it. however, fossil fuel is a double edge sword which slowly destroying the world! in fact, it keep destroying faster and faster everyday. so, some say, why don't we go solar??

good idea.

but, the cost to build one is unacceptable by the majority. why? simple. why waste money on that while we can use it for something else that has more promising future - can make them rich.

now, the fossil fuel is showing signs of dying. some people notice it and some more just feel innocent about it. so, people start to turn to solar energy.not only that governments also start to encourage the citizen to go solar. well, that good news. but later on is better.

physicists, as told by michio kaku in his short talk on, are very confident that in the near future the solar energy might someday be the economical energy source as same as fossil fuels are today. if we look at it in term of graph of profit versus time, today, fossil fuel sitting at the higher ground compare to solar energy which is slowly moving through time. however physicist like michio kaku strongly believe that in the future, both solar n fossil fuel will eventually cross with each other and after that, solar will become the primary power source.

AND, after the rise of solar energy, physicists predict a new type of energy source that way better and cleaner than solar known as fusion.

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