Monday, March 5, 2012

millions of stars??

long time no see~~~

i just read a book about mathematical stuff (well actually im just assuming since it have a lot of numbers! haha), and something 'astronomically' caught my attention!

it said there that... or maybe it easier for me to quote it right~~ haha.. silly me~

and i quote: "..and when you looked up into the night sky, you will see millions of stars twinkling..."

and i like :

just want to share with you guys, it's true that there were millions of stars out there, in fact it's maybe billions! or it could be hundreds of billions! hahaha.. i know, BELIEVE IT! haha

but thing that makes me goes "ffffuuuuuuufufufuuuuu" is the "looked up into the night sky" part.

you see, actually the numbers of star visible to our humble eyes are just around 6000 but one can only sees 3000 at a time. why? easy.. because u can only be on one side of the hemisphere at a time. on the northern hemisphere, u can see 3000 stars while another half on the other side of hemisphere.

maybe a simple illustration might help~~:-
as u can see, 3000 at northern + 3000 at southern = 6000 stars!

if you familiar with the term "celestial sphere", you might understand this better. i will talk about it sometime in the near future.. if i remember! hahaha.. anyway, you can just google it, the concept is quite easy to understand actually~~ (^_^)

so, why only 6000 stars visible to our naked eye??

hmmmm... the reason why we can only see 6000 stars is because the intensity of the starlight. our eye can only detect or see a star as dimmed as magnitude 6. beyond that, we can't see them anymore. (high magnitude means dimmer intensity)

the intensity of a star is cause by many factors:
  • size of the star
  • distant of the star
  • temperature of the star
  • etc (i can only remember these much~~~ im sory~~ hahahaa too lazy to hit the books haha)
hurmmmm.... but hows the factors affect the intensity?

hahahahhahaa.... the truth is, i hate writing~~ haha.. how about i explain it some other day~~

ok c u next time! =)

p/s: the quote is written based on what i remembered~~ but mainly, it sounded just like that~~ haha..