Monday, May 2, 2011

does wave amazes you?

waves.. ataupon gelombang..

ada byk gelombang. ada sound waves, ada light waves, ada gelombang air dan byk lagi.. but do you ever heard of gravitational waves!?

hahaa for me, this wave amazed me greatly!!

the waves were too 'massive' but very hard to detect. why? hahaa.. actually the gravitational waves pass through matter. as they pass through the matter, it affect the distance of the matter from the wave source (usually a star). however, the changes were extremely small, around a factor of for very strong sources. so, detecting it may be a problem. haha....

gravitational waves do not travel through space like light wave or by medium like sound wave. gravitational waves travel by the oscillation of fabric of space and time itself! the gravitational force from a powerful sources such as a binary star will disturbed the spacetime and producing so called gravitational waves. the sources however will lose its energy because it's cost a lot of energy to disturb the fabric of space and time in the first place..

more info about this bizarre wave, just pay a visit here~~