Sunday, February 27, 2011

the harsh, complicated world of students..

i do realize if i ever talk about it, i will ruin my neutral stand. but the truth is, my stand may be ruin already by either of them.

1) i agree with the 'power' thing.. saying that we must not let the higher ranks or people do what ever they want freely. yup, i agree. however, i don't like the method you guys use to achieve that goal. for god sake, why choose this kind of aggressiveness while we can negotiate peacefully.

2) i know that the 'higher ranks' don't take you guys seriously about the matter and this what lead to the aggressiveness. but personally i think that it more to it. after seeing what happen to Egypt, some of them want to do the same thing to achieve the goal. believe me when i say, YOU ONLY ASKING FOR 'FIRST CLASS' TROUBLE if u do it in MY BELOVED COUNTRY!

3) talk about angry. i do get angry when my mum don't buy me an ice cream when i ask her. i beg, i cry, but still no ice cream! few years later, i'm grateful that my mum don't give me ice cream on that time because now i know that eating such thing may cost my teeth today. may be we cannot think or see yet why the 'higher ranks' don't give us what we want, but we will see why in the near future. we just students anyway.. smart we may seem, but we lack of experiences.
geniuses can be beat easily by those with experiences.

4) honestly, i'm a racist. i will fight for my race's right! the right of the malay! it is very sad and sickening seeing we fought among ourselves. why? simple.. some of us fight for race and some fight for religious. come on guys, don't you see already!? why don't you see that there are some groups of people laughing seeing us fighting. laughing knowing that the time for them to rise is just around the corner!

5) MALAY is someone who can speak malay fluently, adopted Malay customs and the most important is ISLAM. this is the definition of malay in accordance to the constitution of Malaysia. not like i saying that Islam and Malay is a same, as thought as some folks, but to be a Malay, you have to be Muslim as well. so i can easily said that those malay who apostate, they simply not malay anymore by definition. so, they loss their indigenous's right. fullstop!

6) for this time on, the method maybe proven to be successful.. after all this time, show us your leaderships which you speak of before. but mark my word, this method never work as charming as it did before..

7) i'm still neutral. i speak as a neutral man. i know i have no right to talk about it, have no right to said anything to start with.. i'm a no man. but i will be someone if the peacefulness of my country is threaten in any means.

p/s: by saying that (7), your act of aggressiveness had threaten the peacefulness of the country. destroying properties?? oh come on guys.. you guys smarter than this.. your actions only cause discomfort for other. i thought earlier that you angry with the some certain people, not with the properties. doing such things not only making the whole thing even complicated, but also create new enemies - people like myself..


  1. great post panda :D
    thumbs up!

  2. i totally agree with u panje!! huhu..

    bila perkara cm tu terjadi, da tak mencerminkan seorang mahasiswa. terlalu agresif. obses dgn parti sendiri pn ada. mmm..

  3. hahahaa... maseh ad yg sefahaman dgn saya~~ hahaaa..

    i'm not alone~~~!! hahahaaa