Friday, February 25, 2011

clearing the semak samun~~

the truth is..

1) my 'present' here was only a coincidence. so please not bet on me.

2) i not and never good at pleasing everyone. so please understand me when i started to choose either one.

3) i have my own objectives and i really want to fulfill them as bad as u want me to fulfill yours. so please be reasonable on that.

4) i really love ice cream. so please not hate me on that =P

my best friend once said to me:

"like it or not, we have to sacrifice something to gain something in life..."

dan berdasarkan kate2 diatas, bende yang paling saya ingin capai dlm hidop dr kecik lagi ialah.... (tersenyum ckp sambil tgk ke atas...)

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