Thursday, January 27, 2011

hubble's cool findings

hi, two posts for a day! whoaa hahaa.. the last posting was already planned, but after i found about this cool hubble's stuff, i can't hold myself from sharing it with you guys!!

hubble is awesome!! recently it manage to detect a very faint red blob which happens to be the furthest galaxy from earth!! now, interesting isn't!?? hahahaa...

the galaxy was named as UDFj-39546284. astronomers think that the light from this faint red blob may has taken around 13.2 billion years to reach Earth. so, this means that the galaxy aged around 13.2 billion years!! hey, note that the age of the unverse is 13.7 billion years. do the math... this dude or may i say UDFj-39546284 exist very very near to the big bang! just 5 millions years after the big bang. we can learn a lot about the medieval age of the universe from it.. hahaaaa

UDFj-39546284 is the furthest and also the oldest galaxy ever discovered by us. what even cooler than that!

this is also one of the many examples of the awesomeness of light!

later this decade, another telescope will be launch into space. the successor of the hubble space telescope, James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) can detect deeper into infrared wavelengths and will be at least an order of magnitude more sensitive than Hubble, allowing it to hunt more efficiently for primeval galaxies at even greater distances, at earlier times, closer to the Big Bang.

hubble space telescope...

hubble's diagram...

good science! awesome physics! astonishing astronomy! huhuu~~

for more info about it, please visit this sites:
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