Sunday, October 10, 2010


assalamualaikum all~~~
actually i kind of 'buzy' with the 'unforgiving' report!! hahaaa... still i got time to write hahahaa... i'm a bit lonely and sleepy... why?? simple.. i'm writing, drawing, plotting, calculating and.. typing, if that matter, alone.. huhuhuuu..
at my right, i could see the night sky which i admired while at the left side i saw acap. hahahaa.. sleeping acap to be exact. hahhaaa.. so for the solution?? blogging!! =P

many things happen in my life in these couples of days. most of them were hard to swallow, but they all been easily countered by some of the moments which could be categorize as the sweet-like-panda-type-of-moments-of-my-life hahahhaaaa... PANDA RULES!!! haaha

whats that?? u want to know what is it?? hahahaa... please not take me wrong, but i prefer to treasure the moments to myself.. at least for now. huhuhuuu
yes! there will be other/s in the future that chosen to treasure them together with me. who? just let time do its work okeii~~ (^_^)

back to report... arggghhhh~~!! seriously said, i hate u. but in the same time, i love u~
mr.D: what this!?? typing error or what dude??
mr.P: neither both!! it just the sun! it already above the horizon!! take cover, man!
mr.D: hah!? are u okay? u scaring me dude~~ stay back~~
mr.P: dont you see, the sun just rose, the last day has arrive!! all hail report!!
mr.D: gulp~~ (i can see the near future, and it bad!! must do smthg quick!)

aishhh, times out already!? but i'm still want to write... alaaaaa... hahaaa.. okay then, c u next time.

all men to your station!! ignition in T minus ten!
nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, BLASTOFF!!

hahahaa... bye2 friends~~

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