Sunday, September 19, 2010



mr.D :it's 8th raya already!!
mr.U :no it's not!!
mr.D :oh really~~ thanks god!! what wrong with me this time!?? eat too much satay i think hahahaaa.. too many things to be done before going back to zaaba hahaaa...
mr.U :actually bro,, it's not the 8th but the 9th raye already.. you are right if you said it 42 minutes ago..
mr.D :WHAT!!!!!!!!

hahaaaa... too many things to do in just a short time!! i'd planned so many plans so that i could completed each of the tasks, but it seem that i forgot all of it... hahahaaa... hey, what can i do!? it's raye bro!! hahahaaaa

well it looks like i have to postpone another plan for tonite.. actually i want to write about the things i done during the raya.. but i kind of sleepy right now.. maybe next time... hahahaaaa...

and now, i think it's not and never too late for me to wish you all... SELAMAT HARI RAYE AIDILFITRI!!! if there anythings i've done that hurt your feeling, i apologize with all my heart...

see u next time...bye~~~~

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