Monday, February 8, 2010

third generation unit-still a failure!!!

what a night it was!!! it look like the knowledge i've still not enough to make it perfect!!! well back to the drawing board guys hahahaaa....

third generation unit:

spec upgraded:

-smoother S.F. generator starter
-reduced number of connector(less dissipated of voltage)
*dont what good it will do... yet heheheee

-still produce low voltage
-the cost to make it is still too high
-it still need external energy to start generating electricity
-too compact, may produce serious prob if heat is produce by the c.mgnets
-need 2 or 3 more gen in order to work efficiently but it will cost the increasement of the unit's size

hopefully, the next generation unit may solved the probs. it look like i still need a lot of study in order to make this real. too many times and efforts have been put on it, not give up now zwe!!!! just fews more steps to the day of energy evolution!!!